Ready To Take Your Technique To The Next Level?

Logo for an online oil painting instruction course called VITAL Plus taught by artist Kelli Folsom

VITAL Plus is the Perfect Add-On for VITAL Art Sessions

If You Love VITAL Art Sessions & You're Ready for...

Then VITAL Plus is for you!

What You'll Get with VITAL Plus

A more in-depth 90 minute still life painting video and references every month. 

All of the topics covered in our regular Friday lessons will be covered like composition, brush handling, creating form, and mixing color only at a slower and more in-depth pace.

You’ll also receive photos of the still life, palette and finished painting for reference.

Here's a Sneak Peek of the VITAL Plus Video Library!

VITAL Plus Video Library

How Does VITAL Plus Work?

The new video comes out on the First Friday of every month and shows up in the Members’ Area and in your inbox.

All lessons are Recorded NOT live for your convenience.

Lessons remain in your Members' Area for you to view at your leisure.

Watch Any Time by simply logging into your account.

Post your work in our VITAL Art Sessions private Facebook Group for feedback and critique as usual.

You're in control!
Subscribe or Unsubscribe from VITAL Plus at Any Time.

Vital Plus - Roses in Full Bloom Set Up

Who is this For?

VITAL Plus is for existing VITAL Art Sessions members who want more!

This is a specially curated and entirely optional Add-On program to serve your learning needs. 

VITAL Plus is only available to current VITAL Art Sessions members.

Only existing VITAL members may sign up for VITAL Plus, and you can end your subscription at any time.

What Does it Cost?

Just like with VITAL Art Sessions, there is a recurring monthly membership fee.

With VITAL Plus you get the same amount of lesson time typically covered in all three VITAL Art Sessions lessons for half the cost!

I wanted to make this an affordable supplement for all, so I priced it at just $19.95 a month!

If you choose to cancel your VITAL Plus membership you can do so at any time WITHOUT canceling your VITAL Art Sessions membership.

Logo for an online oil painting instruction course called VITAL Plus taught by artist Kelli Folsom

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