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Enrollment WON'T reopen until
July 2021.

Enrollment is a Quarterly Celebration!

Join us in January, April, July, or October.

In the meantime, try my FREE Intro to Art Life videos or my Plein Air with Kelli series.

Joining VITAL has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have only been a member for a few months, but can already notice so much growth.

Tara F.

I am so blessed to have found Kelli Folsom. I have learned so much and come so far, further than I ever dreamed of. I can't say enough about the class structure and the instructor!

Rena D.

I’m finally learning what I’ve needed and I’m enjoying painting even more! I have much much more to learn! I also love our art group! It’s the best!

Carol C.
Kelli Folsom

Become The Artist You've Always Wanted To Be

VITAL Art Sessions by Kelli Folsom is an online oil painting course like no other.

Kelli presents three video lessons each month where you will learn to refine your oil painting skills, develop enhanced techniques, and produce stunning artwork.

When you sign up for the VITAL Art Sessions course you will also gain access to a vast library of instructional videos, painting tips, reference photos, and bonus content, as well as Live Q&As with Kelli and much, much more!

Take the leap and join us on the next step of your artistic journey. Enrollment opens at the beginning of each quarter. 

Learn To Paint Beautiful Oil Paintings Like These...

Enrollment is a Quarterly Celebration!

Join us in January, April, July, or October.

In the meantime, try my FREE Intro to Art Life videos or my Plein Air with Kelli series.

450+ Members
225+ Lessons
Over 2000 paintings completed by members in VITAL Art Sessions

VITAL Art Sessions

Develop Your Oil Painting Skills, Cancel Any Time
$ 49
  • Three Instructional Video Lessons Every Month
  • Each Video Focuses on a Specific Topic or Object
  • A Live Question & Answer Session with Kelli
  • A Group Webinar Critique with Kelli & Other Students
  • Bonus Tips Videos with Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Access to a Library of Still Life Reference Photos
  • Access to Kelli's Private Facebook Community
  • Surprise Challenges, Bonus Vidoes & Guests
  • Implementation Week to Review Content and Finish Your Paintings
Top Rated
An original oil painting of a still life titled Tulips by Kelli Folsom


100+ videos on any device with an Internet connection


Cancel your account any time


Share your work with us


Video Lesson Library of over 75+ lessons focusing on specific topics like copper, roses, fabric, glass, etc

Monthly group critique on selected independent paintings

Regular Feedback from Kelli and other members

Bonus presentations on special topics like composition, lighting, art history

One monthly LIVE Q & A Broadcast

Community of supportive artists worldwide

Priority access to in-person workshops and new courses

Rights to sell your own lesson paintings

Discounted rates on DVDs and other products

Monthly implementation challenges and giveaways

Wow! Greatest benefit since I started? Too many to count! Amazing improvements to my abilities, having access to a mentor/coach who is generous with time and praise, becoming a member of a warm and supportive group of artists who are also great cheerleaders! ​

Lori B.

Not every artist can explain his or her techniques the way Kelli can. You can see the huge strides everyone makes in VITAL. It is a great community of learners.​

Chris B.

I joined because I had not painted in 35 years. I looked for good art instructors the last few years but never found one. Then I found Kelli and VITAL. I still look at other instructors online but they are no comparison to her.​

Charlotte B.
An original oil painting of a still life titled Fruit Bowl by Kelli Folsom
A painting from a VITAL Art Sessions lesson


alue - A comprehensive education + affordable price


nspiration – Fresh new content on the regular - no recycled lessons


ime - 30-minute lessons or less can fit into anyone’s schedule


ccess - Your lessons are available from any device, anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection


ife - I want you to have the skills you need to be the artist you’ve always wanted to be

Enrollment is a Quarterly Celebration!

Join us in January, April, July, or October.

In the meantime, try my FREE Intro to Art Life videos or my Plein Air with Kelli series.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? $49.95 a month 

How long do I have to commit?  You can cancel at anytime after your first payment.

When am I billed? You’re billed each month on the date you subscribed, until you cancel your subscription.

Do I have to keep signing up every 3 months? NO. Once you sign up, your subscription will continue until you cancel.

How do I cancel? You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time, on the ‘My Account’ page.

Can I sign back up if I cancel?  Yes you can.  If you do cancel you will have to wait until enrollment begins in the next quarterly semester and you will pay whatever the new rate. Semesters are Jan-Mar;  April-June; July-September; October-December.

Will the price go up?  The price you sign up under stays the same while you are a member.

How long are the videos?  30 minutes each.  

What are the videos about? Every video highlights a specific topic or object. All of the lessons focus on how to paint specific still life objects such as copper, a rose, drapery, and grapes.

Can I make special requests for videos?  Of course you can! This is a community and I want to hear from you. However, the videos are filmed in advance, so it may take some time to honor your request.

How often are videos published?  The last 3 Fridays of the month by 9 a.m. EST.

What about the quality of the videos?  The videos are filmed with a high resolution HD camera and I am mic’d for best sound quality. They are then edited with software to refine. You get one camera zoomed in on the painting and one on the palette. The reference image is included on screen as well. 

What happens after I subscribe?  You have instant access all videos in the Members Area.  I will send you an email confirming your subscription with the link to the Facebook Group. You’ll be added once you request to join and your subscription is confirmed.

How do I access them? As long as you’re a paid subscriber, simply log into your account on this website.

Are the videos downloadable?  No they are not. This is a subscription, much like Netflix, so you are not purchasing the videos for download.

How long will I have access to the videos? As long as you’re a member of VITAL Art Sessions you’ll have access to ALL the videos. You can watch any of the archived videos at any time.

Can I share the videos with friends? No. Only paid members have access to the content.


VITAL Art Sessions private Facebook group: To get the full benefit of this course you really need to be in the private Facebook group. You can comment or ask questions directly under each post.

Feedback and Critiques  in the group:  This is a private online community that only the members can see so you can upload images of your own paintings to share with your peers.

The LIVE Q&A: Q & As are live in the Facebook group and then available in the Members Area.

Surprise Facebook Lives with Kelli: Stay active in the Facebook group, sometimes Kelli pops in to say hi and paint for a little while.

Bonus Reference Photo Library of images to paint is only available in the group as well as historical reference images to study from.

Enrollment is a Quarterly Celebration!

Join us in January, April, July, or October.

In the meantime, try my FREE Intro to Art Life videos or my Plein Air with Kelli series.