Complete Rose Series Masterclass

Does painting roses make you want to pull your hair out?

Are you too scared to even try them?
Do you love painting them, but want to get to the next level of mastery in composing them?

If you answered, yes then this is the series for you! Never again do I want you to be afraid of painting roses. This masterclass series walks you through it one step at a time.  

This series covers beginner and advanced concepts for mastering painting roses. All the fundamentals you need are here. From form to value, perspective to color mixing.  You’ll discover three fail-proof compositions for roses. Make your rose paintings reach that next level of mastery today. 


5 Extensive Video Lessons
Reference Images for Every Lesson
Complete List of Materials

Over 8 Hours of Content

Lesson 1: Value and Structure

1 hour 24 minutes

You’ll walk away from this lesson understanding the form and structure of a rose at every shape and size. We’ll cover a bud, an open full rose, a three-quarter view rose, a rose lying on a table and even petals. This lesson ensures your mastery of light and shadow before proceeding to color.

Lesson 2: Color Mixes of Rose

1 hour 35 minutes

Get the exact color mixtures for the four most popular shades of roses: white, red, yellow, and pink. Kelli explains each mixture for the light, middle tone, and shadow shapes. You’ll also get the exact color mixture for her favorite background color gray-green. Now that you have the value understanding and color mixes, a bigger composition is a cinch!

Lesson 3: Yellow Roses and Black

1 hour 45 minutes

Now that you’ve nailed painting single roses it’s time to dive into many roses in the same composition. In lessons 3-5 Kelli gives you her top 3 fail-proof composition recipes. You’ll also discover how to create a focal point within a larger bouquet of roses and the magic of carving out.

Lesson 4: Pink Garden Roses in Brass

1 hour 42 minutes

Fall in love with the beauty of pink garden roses in this lesson! There’s nothing quite as beautiful as big full blush pink garden roses. Find out how to capture that beauty in oil paint . This lesson presents a different perspective, looking down. You’ll have the right solutions to pull it off one of the most challenging eye levels- looking down.

Lesson 5: Red & White Roses with Blue

1 hour 48 minutes

You’ve painted 19 roses by the time you get here! Congratulations!

This lesson raises the bar with so many roses and extra props. You’ll walk away from the easel having mastered white and red roses, two of the most difficult colors. You’ll see how to paint a blue and white vase with minimal effort. Also how to change what you see to create a more convincing perspective and form.

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Complete Rose Series Masterclass

Complete Rose Series Masterclass

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