Plein Air: Taos Landscapes


6 Video Lessons & 1 Bonus Video
Over Four Hours of Streaming or content.
All videos are real time, so nothing is edited out.

NOW includes LIVE video of the scene alongside the painting.

Fall Trees in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

40 minutes

Join Kelli as she paints these fiery fall trees set against the blue backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Watch how she captures the temperature and direction of light, gets the form to turn on the tree and ties the fall tones together in the picture for a harmonious effect.

Sunrise over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

37 minutes

Learn how Kelli captures the majestic size of the mountains by relating proper proportions of the foreground elements. You’ll see all the fundamentals of creating the glowing effect of morning sunlight by using value contrast and temperature change.

Lyrical Adobe Home

1 hour

Experience painting a classic adobe home in Taos, New Mexico with Kelli. Learn how starting a painting with a clear composition and color strategy can ensure a better painting result. See how Kelli uses her idea to guide her decisions on brushstrokes, colors and values.

The Rio Grande Gorge

1 hour 10 minutes

Go down in the Gorge with Kelli and paint alongside her as she captures the forceful movement of the river.  Learn how to exaggerate colors for more appeal and edit out details to avoid a chaotic result.

Morning Graze in Taos

40 minutes

Have fun painting the rich fall foliage against the blue grey mountains. Discover how Kelli pushes the color even richer and builds more texture for interest. Can she get one of those horses to stand still long enough to paint? You’ll find out in this video.

The Great Taos Tree

1 hour 5 minutes

Paint a large tree like a portrait of a grand elder of the land with Kelli.  Discover the secrets of mixing fall foliage colors while not sacrificing the light, shadow and form. Learn how to marry colors, create sky holes and how to use paint quality to build foliage like texture.

And One Bonus Video!

Using Your Color Wheel to Design Your Painting

43 minutes 

Discover how to use your color wheel to design your painting by choosing a harmonious or exciting color strategy. Learn how to not just copy the colors that you see in nature or a photo, but use an artist’s eye to make your painting have impact.

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Plein Air: Taos Landscapes

Plein Air: Taos Landscapes

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