Still Life: Summer Flowers

Are you ready to paint summer flowers that sizzle?

Then this Summer Flowers Masterclass is for you!
Join me at a local flower farm and paint dahlias, snapdragons, and sunflowers.

You’ll get instant access to over 7 hours of inspiring instruction in this Masterclass. 

Grab your brushes, paints and get painting TODAY.


Set up a floral composition successfully
Simplify hard to paint flowers
Work on a painting dry without overworking it

Over 7 Hours of Content!

Lesson 1: Composing a Floral Still Life

46 minutes

Do you find composing your own floral still life challenging? I’ll walk you through my decision making process for floral compositions.

In this lesson you’ll learn how to:

  • Pick the right background
  • Choose the right props and vase for your flowers
  • Arrange flowers to have drama and impact in your painting

Lesson 2: Summer Sunflowers

1 hour 50 minutes

Is there any happier feeling than a summer sunflower? There is! Painting a bunch of them in a gorgeous French confit jar. Thanks for the inspiration Van Gogh, now it’s our time to shine. 

You’ll find out how to:

  • Simplify those beautiful petals alla prima style
  • Make them dance with movement
  • Let go of details and get more drama

Lesson 3: Dahlias and Copper

1 hour 48 minutes

Have you ever wanted to paint a whole bunch of different types and colors of dahlias? Then this is your chance! 

This lesson covers how to: 

  • Make copper shine
  • Keep focus on the star of the show
  • Achieve rich, warm, dramatic colors

Lesson 4: Snapdragons and Cream Part I

1 hour 11 minutes

Now you’ll paint one of those arrangements that I set up in the still life composition!

In this painting you’ll learn how to: 

  • Get the composition onto the canvas
  • Start a bigger painting boldly alla prima without fear
  • Choose a background color to make your subject pop

Lesson 5: Snapdragons and Cream Part II

1 hour 43 minutes

I’m gonna show you how to work on a painting that’s dried and take it to the finish without fear!

You’ll discover how to:

  • Finish a dried painting without overworking it
  • Work with dried impasto successfully
  • Decide what to keep, what to add, and what to eliminate
  • Make decisions that make the painting better the second time around

Summer Flowers Masterclass Series

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Still Life: Summer Flowers

Still Life: Summer Flowers

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