Still Life: Spring Flowers

Announcing the brand new Spring Flowers Masterclass!

Do you want to paint flowers that sing this Spring?
If so, you’re gonna want this Masterclass on Spring Flowers

Get over your fear of flowers and start painting lilies, tulips, cherry blossoms, ranunculus, daffodils, and lilacs.

You get instant access to over 8 hours of inspiring instruction in this Masterclass. 

Pick your favorite and get started TODAY!


Paint Big Glorious Florals
Get Luscious Energetic Brushstrokes
Mix Beautiful Spring Colors

Over 8 Hours of Content

Lesson 1: White Lilies and Tulips

1 hour 49 minutes

Do you long to paint stunning white lilies, but find them hard to do? I know how you feel, but with my help you can do it. 

In this lesson you’ll learn how to:

  • Paint stunning white lilies that sing with light and movement 
  • Create a luxurious painting like the old masters
  • Make big beautiful brushstrokes that jump off the canvas
  • Get delicate details without all the fuss

Lesson 2: Daffodils

1 hour 30 minutes

Is there any happier feeling than seeing that first daffodil in spring? I didn’t think so!

Let’s paint daffodils that dance across the canvas with joy! 

You’ll find out how to: 

  • Simplify those beautiful petals
  • Make them dance with movement 
  • Let go of details and get mo’ drama

Lesson 3: Cherry Blossoms

2 hours 2 minutes

Have you ever wanted to paint a beautiful branch of spring cherry blossoms? Then this is your chance! 

This lesson covers how to: 

  • Create a gorgeous composition
  • Paint big beautiful blossoms that don’t get muddy
  • Get harmonious colors that still pop
  • Create yummy textures that make you want to touch the painting

Lesson 4: Spring Ranunculus

1 hour 41 minutes

Is it a rose? Is it a peony? No! It’s ranunculus! 

In this painting you’ll learn how to: 

  • Paint a heavenly, light-filled, Spring painting
  • Bring your painting to life with graceful brushstrokes
  • Paint glass that looks so real they’ll have to look twice

Lesson 5: Dutch Lilacs

1 hour 27 minutes

Lilacs: here today, gone tomorrow. 

Are you ready for a beautiful painting that lasts the whole year?

Me too! These are my absolute favorites. I’ve saved the best for last. 

You’ll discover how to achieve: 

  • Luscious, rich, dramatic brushwork
  • That old world dutch still life quality
  • Captures the gorgeous colors and textures of fragrant lilacs


Are there references?

Yes! Each lesson provides you with reference photos of the setup, the painting, and color palette.

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Still Life: Spring Flowers

Still Life: Spring Flowers

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