Plein Air: Simple Scenes

Are you ready to make your Plein Air paintings come to life with light and color?

Master Simple Scenes in Plein Air

They say not everything is paintable, but I disagree. I say everything can come to life in paint. Join me as I paint scenes you can find in your own backyard right here on site in Colorado. You’ll get instant access to 4 hours of inspiring plein air instruction in this Masterclass.  Grab your brushes, paints and get painting TODAY.

  • Make a simple scene come to life with bold color and light!
  • Use my step-by-step method to make plein air easier
  • Use a limited palette and simple supplies to get painting outside
  • 4 Hours of instructional content!
Lesson 1

Light on a Late Summer Lake

41 minutes

There’s nothing more peaceful than sitting next to a still lake. Reflections on water have been a long loved subject matter for the all time best selling landscape painting genre for that very reason. It really puts the view at peace! In this lesson you’ll learn how to:

  • Graduate the sky from cool to warm
  • Simplify tree forms and dull down greens
  • Create reflections on water
Lesson 2

Contre-jour Trees and Pond

48 minutes

Contre-jour is one of the most historic ways to depict a landscape scene. Looking directly into the light may be a pain to do as the artist, but the viewer loves it’s bold contrast and glowing light. You’ll find out how to:

  • Create a successful contre-jour lighting effect
  • Adjust the scene for a stronger composition
  • Get that look of glowing back light
Lesson 3

Simple Path

49 minutes
How often have you strolled down a path like this in the middle of the day and haven’t found anything about it worth painting? Well now’s your chance! Watch this boring every day scene become exciting! You’ll never look at another path the same way again. This lesson covers how to:
  • Handle perspective of a road
  • Balance a busy composition
  • Achieve bold color and shapes
Lesson 4

Speed Sketches

1 hour, 6 minutes
Practice makes perfect. Oil sketches are the stock and trade of every artist who’s become a master at their craft. Let’s ditch the masterpiece trap and do some speed sketches together! In this painting you’ll learn how to:
  • Get the big composition idea onto the canvas fast
  • Break down the values and shapes quickly
  • Paint fast yet focused editing out details
Lesson 5

Sunrise Sonata

31 minutes

One of the easiest and most effective (not to mention best selling) landscape scenes available to the artist is the sunrise or the sunset. The bold colors, the light, the drama of light and dark. These scenes have it all! Throw in some dramatic clouds and reflections and it gets even better. So come paint with me at 6:45 a.m.! You’ll discover how to:

  • Pace your painting, know what to expect as the light changes
  • Start with a bold dark and light composition
  • Transition warm colors of sunlight into the cools of the darks


Are there reference images?

Yes! Each lesson provides you with reference photos of the set up, the painting, and color palette.

How many video lessons do I get?

There are 5 extensive lessons with around 4 hours of content in total!

Do I get access to all videos at once?

Yes! This way you can choose which lesson you’d like to start with and access any of them at your convenience.

How long will I have access to the videos?

Members of the Art Life School retain access for as long as they have an active subscription – no need to purchase this masterclass separately – it’s included!

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