Rural Scenes on the Plains Masterclass


5 Video Lessons & 2 Bonus Videos
Over Four Hours of Content.
All videos are real time, so nothing is edited out.

Pasture Glow

50 minutes

Join Kelli as she paints an empty pasture aglow with light on a hot summer night. Watch how she captures the temperature and direction of light, to make an otherwise uninteresting scene come alive.

Plein Air Painting - Pasture Glow

Three Trees

40 minutes
Learn how Kelli sets up this composition very similar to a still life on this rural farm on Route 66 in Oklahoma. Learn how to change elements for a more interesting composition and use brushwork to make a simple scene action packed.

Silo Scene

40 minutes

Learn how to extract the most important elements from a busy scene, to give you a stronger painting. You’ll also learn how to use a green as your blue.

Painting a Country House

55 minutes

Watch Kelli paint this old, white country house to learn perspective in clouds and how to choose the orientation of your format to emphasize the concept of the painting. Expect a surprise visitor on this one, too.

Painting an Overcast Field

40 minutes

Instead of a sunrise, we got a rainy, overcast morning – them’s the breaks of plein air painting! Learn how to capture the look and feel of overcast light.


Mixing with the Primaries

45 minutes

Learn how to mix complex colors using only a blue, red, yellow and white.

Tips for Improving Plein Air Work

50 minutes

Learn the most important fundamentals to master in plein air painting – such as/including composition, value structure, color strategy and more.

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Rural Scenes on the Plains Masterclass

Rural Scenes on the Plains Masterclass

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