Peonies Masterclass

Are you ready to have fun and master painting peonies?

At the same time? Yes that’s possible!

If you want to paint beautiful peonies in a variety of styles then this series is for you!
  • Create three striking and unique peony paintings.
  • Successfully paint a patterned background and a vertical panoramic.
  • Capture believable light and movement of peony petals.


3 Extensive Video Lessons
Reference Images for Every Lesson
A Complete List of Materials

Over 5 Hours of Content

Lesson 1: Lush Peonies in Antique Brass

2 hours 10 minutes

In this lesson you’ll learn how to:

  • Paint luscious full white peonies
  • Create classical old world light and shadow
  • Put paint down that jumps off the canvas!
  • Decide on a composition structure that works

Lesson 2: Asian Peonies

1 hour 45 minutes

Are you ready to master painting a patterned background? It’s not as hard as you might think. Let’s do this together!

You’ll find out how to: 

  • Paint a busy background and still have it recede
  • Capture believable light on dark peonies
  • Choose what stems to paint in the vase

Lesson 3: Peonies and Delphiniums

1 hour 51 minutes

Dive into this exciting and unique peony composition with a bold love of color!

In this painting you’ll learn how to:

  • Use the color wheel for a fun loving color design
  • Create a successful panoramic vertical design
  • Start with a design line and connect the elements from top to bottom

Peonies Masterclass Series

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