Oil Painting For Beginners

Kelli once was a beginner too and knows exactly how confusing it can be!

Benefits to all Oil Painters

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have been painting for a while this series will benefit you. Sift through the mysteries of supplies and find out exactly what Kelli uses.  You’ll understand colors, values, form, glow, atmosphere, mixing color the practical easy way, and lighting a still life. 

What’s Included?

  • 6 Video Lessons
  • 1 Bonus Video
  • Full List of Materials
  • Over 3.5 Hours of Instructional Content
Oil Painting for Beginners 4 Reference
Lesson 1

Oil Painting Materials

33 minutes

In this lesson, you will learn about all the materials you will need to get started oil painting! We’ll talk about what makes oil paint different than any other medium. You’ll gain an understanding of the different types of paints, brushes, surfaces, and mediums. Discover how to clean your brushes too.

Lesson 2

Understanding Your Pigments

30 minutes

You’ll take a deep dive into Kelli’s palette. Find out the properties of each color she uses and why she prefers those colors. Learn which colors are good for toning your canvas and how much medium to use. She’ll talk about the difference between whites. See how to make opaque colors look more transparent and transparent colors look opaque. See some of her favorite color mixtures.

Lesson 3

Understand Value

26 minutes

Color gets all the attention, but value does all the work! How many values should you use in a painting? What value designs work the best in a painting? How do you know what value color is? You’ll find that out and so much more in this lesson.

Lesson 4

Creating Form

23 minutes

Find out how to create form with oil paint in this lesson. Using a simple pear, you’ll see how to best see your light and shadow shapes and build paint quality to create focus. Understand what pigments look like light and shadow. Discover which edges to keep sharp and which to soften for transitions.

Lesson 5

Creating Glow, Atmosphere, and Life

40 minutes

Have fun painting the rich fall foliage against the blue grey mountains. Discover how Kelli pushes the color even richer and builds more texture for interest. Can she get one of those horses to stand still long enough to paint? You’ll find out in this video.

Lesson 6

Color Mixing Kelli's Way

57 minutes

Not being a fan of color charts or complicated color theory, Kelli will share with you her practical way to mix color. No, you won’t be making a color wheel in this lesson. Instead, learn how to use your palette to identify similarities and differences between the colors of the objects you’re seeing. Find out how to darken or desaturate a color and understand the difference between cools and warms.

Bonus Lesson

Learn How to Light a Still Life

12 minutes

In this Bonus Video Kelli covers all the tools she uses to create good lighting on a still life arrangement. You’ll also see what bad lighting looks like and how to avoid it.

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