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Become a time management ninja

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Mastermind Mentorship
Kelli's one year mentorship program

What's a Mentorship?

A mentorship is a well rounded long term relationship between the mentor and the mentee.

The mentor helps you with every aspect of your artistic pursuit that you can’t get from typical art education which focuses solely on technical skill.

A mentor generously shares their hard earned knowledge so you can reach your desired results. The mentor helps you not only with technical skill, but also with career development, blind spots, mental blocks, and accountability.

Much like pro athletes, artists benefit from this type of personal coaching and training immensely.

Photograph of Kelli Folsom painting outdoors

What do you get?

  • 1 Year of customized mentoring with Kelli
  • Goal setting, time management, project management instruction
  • Monthly painting critiques
  • Monthly business and career advice
  • Monthly demonstration or lecture on art technique
  • Weekly accountability in the private Facebook group
  • 2 monthly help calls with fellow Masterminders
  • Monthly group coaching call with Kelli

How does it work?

  • Join the private Facebook group
  • Fill out entry questionnaire
  • Determine first 90 day goals
  • Receive weekly coaching and teaching
  • Attend accountability and support calls
  • All calls are recorded if you can’t attend
  • Use bonus courses in your Member’s Area

Why do I offer this Mentorship?

I know all the ups and downs of being an artist. I know what it takes to succeed in this field and to reach professional mastery. I also know how hard it can be to go it alone and how limited the typical art education is, even at the college level.

Just as a professional athlete needs coaches and mentors to reach their peak performance, so do artists.

You are truly limitless in what you can accomplish if you have the right people behind you to BELIEVE in and support you.

But it also requires a commitment and investment in yourself.

Are you ready to go ALL IN on you? If so, I got you.

Let’s do this!


- Germaine de Luca
- Pam Hiatt
- Barbara Schatz
All the effort and devotion you put into this mentorship and your deep commitment to us as artists, will be forever appreciated.

I am profoundly grateful for you as a person. I am so blessed you came into my life. I was/am going through a very emotional transition in my life and you have given me focus and fulfillment.
- Debbie N.


Who’s it for?

Mastermind Mentorship is for any artist who needs a safe place to get help in achieving their goals.

Will you be helping with art business and career advice?

Yes, every month will include a business teaching. You can also get advice on the LIVE coaching call for any topic. You can get help with any business topic from general business details like shipping to marketing to sell online to entering shows to your art instruction business. 

What if I don’t want to be a professional artist?

This is a customized mentorship. It’s not just for artists who want to sell or exhibit their work. Although you will receive the recording of all the teachings and benefit from them including the business ones.

How do you know what I’m working on and what I need help with?

Each week we have accountability posts and posts to collect questions/topics for the teachings in the private Facebook group. It will be up to you to post what you’re working on and ask questions on those posts so I can help you with that. If you don’t participate, I can’t help. This is a Mastermind, not one on one coaching so I won’t help anyone privately via email or messenger. Everything happens in the small private group so everyone can learn from each other. 

How will we communicate?

We’ll be communicating in the private Mastermind Facebook group ongoing and also through zoom video calls.

What if my goal is too big?

I believe big goals are where it’s at. It’s what pushes us to grow faster. When you set a big goal you at least know that if you miss it you came much closer to it than if you set a little goal that doesn’t inspire you. 

What if I can’t make the calls?

Every teaching and call will be recorded for you to review in case one doesn’t fit into your schedule. Critiques and some teachings will be pre-recorded (not live). Coaching call with Kelli, Mastermind calls, and most demonstrations will be LIVE. The recordings will be posted after the LIVE session is complete. 

What is the schedule of the teachings and calls?

1st Tuesday: Business/Career Teaching at 1pm EST
2nd Tuesday: Critique Teaching at 1pm EST
3rd Tuesday: Technique Demonstration or Lecture at 1pm EST
4th Tuesday: Live Coaching Call with Kelli via Zoom at 5pm EST

Every 1st & 3rd Thursday: Mastermind Group Calls to connect, share, and support.

*Kelli may rearrange the schedule as needed.

When am I billed for the Mentorship?

You have two options for payment. One is pay in full for the year which you receive $1,000 off your tuition at sign up.
The monthly recurring payment option is $500 a month for 12 months recurring at the same date monthly.

Can I cancel or get a refund?

Refunds will not be given should you change your mind on participation. This is a big commitment on my part and yours. I’m all in and I need you to be too in order for us to get the best results.

Masterminders will receive 50% OFF additional workshops, masterclasses, courses, and paintings offered directly through Kelli. Unlimited usage within a calendar year of sign up.

* Only available to active members. Can’t be combined with other coupons or discounts.

Art school costs $24,000 a year and you still don't get this level of customized mentoring

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