Mastermind Mentorship

A photo of an original oil painting of a still life titled Salt Glazed Jar and Cantaloupe by Kelli Folsom

What would you like to achieve in 6 months...

Laser focus with your artistic progress?

Mastery in your painting skills?

An impenetrable painting practice?

Independent work that you can be proud of?

Actually carving out the painting time you need to succeed?


is the bridge you need

to make success inevitable!

Announcing the NEW Mastermind Mentorship Program
with Kelli Folsom

Designed for YOU to reach your full artistic achievement



A mentorship is a longer term relationship you have with a mentor. You work with someone who has more experience and knowledge than you. A mentor helps teach, guide, and coach you to reach your desired results. The mentor helps you not only with technical application, but also with career development.

A mastermind group is a collaborative team that offers a combination of sharing resources, peer brainstorming, accountability, and support in a group setting to create the success each individual wants. Progress is inevitable when you're not alone.

These two ingredients combined together will create an unstoppable force of artistic achievement!


6 months of mentoring and coaching guiding you and the other masterminders to achieve your highest vision of artistic success.

6 goal setting pdf's and video guide with Kelli. Every artist will go through an initial goal setting process specially designed by Kelli upon entry to determine your goals and focus.

24 weekly recorded teachings and feedback. Kelli will review goals and address each artist's progress with guidance and resources with a group recording weekly.

A total of 12 private critiques! You can have up to two paintings of your choice critiqued each month through group critique recordings.

Six chances to talk to Kelli one on one for advice. A monthly group review call with Kelli gives you a chance to follow up with any other questions or problems you're facing.

Twelve meetings to brainstorm with your peers! Two group calls each month will be available for the masterminders to come together without Kelli and exchange ideas, solutions and resources.

Kelli will offer bonus teachings and demos as she sees a need in the group.

Ongoing sharing and collaborating will happen inside our private Facebook group.


Why this Mentorship?

NOTHING thrills my heart more than seeing a fellow artist reach new heights and achievements they thought weren't possible before.

I know all the ups and downs of being an artist. I know what it takes to succeed in this field and to reach professional mastery. I also know how hard it can be to go it alone. We all need mentors and peer groups on this path. Without them it's rarely possible to reach out full potential.

My vision is not only to teach, but to help bring TRANSFORMATION to your art life.

You are truly limitless in what you can accomplish if you have the right people behind you to BELIEVE in and support you.

This program has been in my heart for so long and I've waited until the right moment to make it a reality.

I invite YOU to take that plunge and see what is POSSIBLE for you when you really commit yourself.

Kelli's been an award winning artist in major shows for ten years and currently teaches 400+ artists online.


Kelli makes us all feel comfortable. I felt like I was floundering around alone in the wilderness, not knowing what to do next, where to turn, didn't even know what questions to ask.. Now I'm on a path, armed with knowledge, confidence, a working strategy and friends who share this journey. I have a long way to go. And I will stumble. But I'm never going to stop!

Maryanne R.

Taking Kelli's programs has been truly transformational. It's impacted me in ways far beyond what I ever could have expected or imagined. It’s made a huge difference to me, not only in how I feel, think and speak about my artwork, but in the way, I am now painting as well. I have a newfound freedom to express myself fully in my art. I'm no longer trapped by the fear of external factors like "Is it good enough? Is it drawn perfectly?". I'm free to paint what I want which is art that has LIFE FORCE energy. Now I'm creating in a way that is a true expression of me and it brings me joy!

Pat F.

The Masterminders have been selected for this term.

Next Program Will Open September 2021

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Masterminders will receive 50% OFF additional workshops, plein air packages and available paintings. Unlimited usage within a calendar year of sign up. *Can't be combined with other coupons or discounts.

Art school costs $24,000 a year and you still don't get this level of customized mentoring.

If you're ready to achieve your highest goals in 6 months

Then become a Mastermind Artist TODAY!