Learn to Paint Flowers

Are you ready to take your painting to the next level?

Masterclasses offer a self-guided learning experience, with a focus on broader, more complex topics.

Join us today, and level up your painting skills.

Does painting roses make you want to pull your hair out? Are you too scared to even try them? Do you love painting them, but want to get to the next level of mastery in composing them?

If you answered, yes then this is the series for you! Never again do I want you to be afraid of painting roses. 

This masterclass series walks you through it one step at a time.

Do you want to paint flowers that sing this Spring?

If so, you’re gonna want this Masterclass on Spring Flowers

Get over your fear of flowers and start painting lilies, tulips, cherry blossoms, ranunculus, daffodils, and lilacs.

Are you ready to have fun and master painting peonies?

At the same time?

Yes that’s possible!

If you want to paint beautiful peonies in a variety of styles then this series is for you!

Are you ready to paint summer flowers that sizzle?

Then this Summer Flowers Masterclass is for you!

Join me at a local flower farm and paint dahlias, snapdragons, and sunflowers.

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  • Complete each day’s challenge and post in the group to gain points.
  • Points are based on the completion of challenges, NOT on quality.
  • The artist with the most points wins the grand prize of a $150 Jerry’s Artarama Gift Card!