Intro to Art Life

Over 2 years ago, I created a community and video tutorials for artists called VITAL Art Sessions...

I've always wanted to give more

Now I'm offering part of that experience to you -


VITAL Art Sessions Member Testimonials

Wow! Greatest benefit since I started? Too many to count! Amazing improvements to my abilities, having access to a mentor/coach who is generous with time and praise, becoming a member of a warm and supportive group of artists who are also great cheerleaders!

Lori B.

This class has changed my life! I have learned how to set up and paint Still life on my own, as well as, doing the teaching videos that Kelli sets up and paints for us before we do our own version.

Judy F.

With Intro to Art Life You Get:

FREE instant access to 5 video lessons

One lesson will be rotated out each month, maintaining 5 lessons at all times.

Access to Still Life Reference Photos and Materials List

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? FREE

How long do I have to commit?  You don’t need to commit, the videos are here when you need them.

How long are the videos?  30 minutes each.  

What are the videos about? Every video highlights a specific topic or object. All of the lessons focus on how to paint specific still life objects such as copper, a rose, drapery, and grapes.

Can I make special requests for videos?  Not in Intro to Art Life, but if you join our VITAL Art Sessions community you can!

How often is a video added?  The first Friday of the month by 9 a.m. EST.  One video is also removed at that time.

What about the quality of the videos?  The videos are filmed with a high resolution HD camera and I am mic’d for best sound quality. They are then edited with software to refine. You get one camera zoomed in on the painting and one on the palette. The reference image is included on screen as well. 

What happens after I sign up?  You have instant access to five videos in the Members Area.

How do I access them? As long as you’ve given me a valid email address, click visit the Intro to Art Life Members Area.

Are the videos downloadable?  No they are not. This is a streaming service, much like Netflix.

How long will I have access to the videos? As long as you’re e-mail address is valid, you’ll have access to five videos. You can watch any of the videos at any time.

Can I share the videos with friends? No. Only members have access to the content, but ask your friends to join too!