Improve Your Form and Values in 5 Days

Are you ready to master the two essential concepts that take your paintings from amateur to pro in just 5 days?

That's right, if you have weakness in your form, or values to describe form, then you need this course!

I was once a beginner and didn’t understand form, values, and planes. In this series I’ll demystify these concepts in a simple, clear way that’s so easy to understand that a kindergartner would get it. 

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have been painting for a while this series will benefit you.


5 Extensive Video Lessons
Reference Images for Every Lesson
A Complete List of Materials

Lifetime Access to over
2 Hours 40 Mins of
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Lesson 1: Understanding Basics of Form

15 minutes

In this lesson you’ll discover the:

  • Basics of geometric forms in nature
  • Difference between shape and form
  • Importance of planes and how to see them

Lesson 2: Using Values to Describe Form

1 hour 6 minutes

In this lesson you’ll learn how to:

  • Paint light falling across the forms
  • Mix specific values to describe plane changes
  • Create a three dimensional cube, cylinder, sphere and half sphere

Lesson 3: Concave vs. Convex Forms

28 minutes

Find out how to:

  • Create an effective concave bowl with proper light and shadow
  • Paint a believable teacup and saucer
  • Know what makes a convex shape different than a concave shape

Lesson 4: Painting Simple Still Life Forms

26 minutes

Here you will see how to demystify:

  • Light and Shadow Shapes idea to create form
  • Highlight Placement for the most effective illusion of form
  • Brushstroke Direction and Reflected Light to emphasize the light and the form and control your values

Lesson 5: Form and Values on Complex Objects

28 minutes

Here you will find out how to:

  • Paint Flowers with form simply and easily while maintaining your value structure
  • See the Shapes of flowers so you understand how to paint them with form
  • Paint a Concave Sunflower by turning your bowl knowledge into a bowl with petals


Are there references?

Yes! Each lesson provides you with reference photos of the setup, the painting, and color palette.

How many video lessons do I get?

There are 5 video lessons totaling around 2 hours 45 minutes of instruction included in the “Improve Your Form and Values in 5 Days” Masterclass.

Improve Your Form and Values in 5 Days Masterclass

Lifetime Access to over 2 Hours 40 Minutes
of Streaming & Downloadable Content

5 Extensive Video Lessons, Reference Images for Every Lesson,
and a Complete List of Materials