Still Life: Garden Roses

Do you love beautiful David Austin garden roses, but they intimidate you?

Are you determined to master them?

If you answered yes, then this is the series for you! Never again do I want you to avoid painting these beautiful garden roses. This masterclass series walks you through it one step at a time.

This series covers intermediate to advanced concepts for mastering painting roses to help you get to the next level in your rose paintings.


4 Extensive Video Lessons
Reference Images for Every Lesson
Complete List of Materials
BONUS Inspirational Lookbook

Over 7 Hours of Content

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Lesson 1: Classic Ivory Garden Roses

1 hour 32 minutes

This lesson features the luscious David Austin Leonora ivory rose. She is the epitome of grace and elegance with her ruffly ivory petals and the smell of a traditional English rose garden.

You’ll walk away from this lesson understanding the form and structure these breathtaking roses. I’ll be teaching you one of my most popular rose compositions that can be used again and again in a variety of ways.

This lesson ensures your mastery of light and shadow with whites.

Lesson 2: Beatrice Yellow Garden Roses in Silver

2 hours 12 minutes

This painting lesson features the beautiful, delicate, and divinely colored David Austin Beatrice rose in a creamy honey yellow color. All the ruffles radiate in full bloom like a radiant sunburst.

You’ll learn how Kelli adjusts and problem solves when her original background color isn’t working and dealing with wilted roses on a two day painting. See how she works on this painting dry on day two’s second sitting.

Lesson 3: Sweet Juliet Vignette

1 hour 39 minutes

Paint this gorgeous rose bush vignette featuring David Austin’s most popular Sweet Juliet rose. With all her sweet apricot, blush, and pink colors she is perfect for a high key bluish grey background. Learn how to create movement and rhythm in the blooms and abstracted leaves while keeping the focus on the star heroine Juliet.

Lesson 4: Rainbow Rose Bouquet in Copper

1 hour 45 minutes

Some of the most beautiful historical rose paintings have included a mix of colors in the bouquet. This arrangement was inspired by many Fantin LaTour paintings Kelli’s loved over the years. Multiple colors makes for easier painting and an easier path to success in your composition (not to mention we get to indulge in our love of color).

This 12”x12” painting features red, pink, ivory, and yellow David Austin roses used throughout the series. You’ll also discover how Kelli handles adding in the background pattern at the very end simply without distracting from the main event.


Rose Painting Inspo Lookbook: A 20 page downloadable PDF book of Kelli’s favorite historical rose paintings to stimulate your imagination for your many future rose compositions to come!


Are there references?

Yes! Each lesson provides you with reference photos of the setup, the painting, and the color palette.

How many video lessons do I get?

The Garden Rose Series Masterclass gives you 4 lessons which is over 7 hours of content!

Do I get the videos all at once?

You do! This way you can choose which lesson you’d like to start with and access any of them at your convenience.

I’m a member of the Art Life School, do I need to purchase this separately?

This masterclass is available in your Art Life School library for as long as you remain a member.

It is also available to purchase separately with LIFETIME access should you decide to pause or cancel your Art Life School subscription.

How long do I get access?

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Still Life: Garden Roses

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