Art Life School FAQs

A monthly subscription to Art Life School is $97 per month. An annual subscription is discounted to $997 per year.

For as long as you want to commit to your art. It’s up to you! Both monthly and annual subscriptions are recurring payments which may be canceled at any time after you sign up with no notice period. You can cancel your payments yourself within the membership portal with one click.

For monthly subscribers, you’re billed each month on the date you subscribed, until you cancel your subscription. If you purchased an annual Art Life School subscription then you’ll be billed once per year on the anniversary of the date you subscribed, until you cancel your subscription.

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time, by clicking Cancel next to your subscription on the My Account page.

Yes you can.

Just as all good painters slowly increase the price of their work as it improves, there’s a good chance that will happen here, too! So, yes, the price of Art Life School may go up in the future but if you join today you will be locked in at this current price until you cancel.

30 minutes each.

Every video highlights a specific topic or object. All of the lessons focus on how to paint specific still life objects such as copper, a rose, drapery, and grapes.

Of course you can! This is a community and I want to hear from you. However, the videos are filmed in advance, so it may take some time to honor your request.

Pretty much every time I paint (which is very regular!) My own work inspires new lessons and skills that you may find helpful too. So, I am constantly adding new lessons to the membership to help you improve your skills as a painter. At the moment I add new lessons 3 times per month on a Friday before 9am EST. AND every time that I host a masterclass or course throughout the year (which I do every time I see the need for one), you will get access to that LIVE or recorded to go through whenever you want to.

The videos are filmed with a high resolution HD camera and I am mic’d for best sound quality. They are then edited with software to refine. You get one camera zoomed in on the painting and one on the palette. The reference image is included on screen as well.

You have instant access to all videos in the Members Area. I will send you an email confirming your subscription with the link to the Facebook Group. You’ll be added once you request to join and your subscription is confirmed.

As long as you’re a paid subscriber, simply log into your account on this website to access the Members Area.

No they are not. This is a subscription, much like Netflix, so you are not purchasing the videos for download.

As long as you’re a member of the Art Life School you’ll have access to ALL the videos. You can watch any of the archived videos at any time.

No. Only paid members have access to the content.

To get the full benefit of this course you really need to join the private Facebook group. You can comment or ask questions directly under each post.

The Facebook group is a private online community that only the members can see so you can upload images of your own paintings to share with your peers.

Questions for Kelli to answer can be submitted in the Private Facebook Group. Each month a new Coaching Call video will be made available in the Members Area.

Stay active in the Facebook group, sometimes Kelli pops in to say hi and paint for a little while!

The Bonus Reference Photo Library of images to paint is only available to Members in the Facebook group as well as historical reference images to study from.

Well, with 485+ video classes, every art and business masterclass I’ve ever held, 3 new ones being added monthly, 4 x 2 day workshops this year (when you join on the annual plan) and the ability to “request” a new topic…there isn’t much I DON’T cover!

Some of the Painting Masterclasses include: Oil Painting for Beginners, Improve Your Form and Values, Rural Scenes on the Plains, Taos Series, Fall in Colorado, Simples Scenes, Complete Rose Series, Spring Flowers, Peonies, Summer Flowers, and more!

Art Business Courses include: Time Management for Artists, Finding Your Artistic Voice, Self Mastery, Studio Setup, Painting Delivery, and more!

Well, to put it plainly…you paint! And you join the artist community that we cultivate in our private Facebook Group that you’ll get access to the moment you join. When you show up to participate, receive feedback, support others, and get feedback you will grow as a painter and evolve as a person. Promise.

No. There are a ton of resources available that will help you no matter where you’re starting from. That being said, the majority of students who have naturally been attracted to the Art Life School are returning to painting. Meaning, at one point in time they were committed to painting and have lost their practice and are looking to return to it.

As long as you’re a member of the Art Life School membership you’ll have access to all the lessons, coaching calls, critiques and artist community.

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