Finding Your Artistic Voice

Kelli Folsom

Are you ready to Find Your Artistic Voice?

Do you feel like you’re always seeking to improve your technical skills, but still not quite clear on who you are as an artist or what you’re truly here to create? Maybe you don’t even call yourself an artist yet even though you’ve been working hard at your craft.

I totally get it. This is something I struggled with too when I enrolled in art school. All they taught were the skills of HOW to paint, but no one ever helped me with WHY to paint. 

Everyone kept telling me I needed to find my style, but there was never any help to do so.  So I was left confused and floundering. Trying this and that, but never really knowing if I was on the right path. Everyone told me to be confident, but they never told me HOW to be confident in my work.

That’s why I designed this Finding Your Artistic Voice course!

It’s a course of self discovery that is exciting, healing, and fulfilling.

You’ll have such a stronger idea of who you are as an artist and the path you want to follow moving forward. It’s the one thing that most schools and mentors don’t help us with, but it’s the one thing that matters the most for our success.

Finding Your Artistic Voice will give you:

Clarity and direction in your work

Freedom from comparison to others

Tools to deal with self doubt

Trust in your own voice

An anchor of purpose

A north star of future vision to guide you

A renewed passion and joy in your art making process

If you’re ready to break free from self doubt and confusion and step into your full artistic potential, then I’m ready to be your guide as you Find Your Artistic Voice.

Here’s what’s included:

6 weeks to take a guided deep dive into your artistic voice

18 tried and true exercises by Kelli to help you clarify your voice and vision

Check out what these artists had to say about the Finding Your Artistic Voice Program:

Taking this course gave me a new vision of who I am as an artist. Just acknowledging myself as a artist was a huge breakthrough. The course kept me digging deeper into why I need to create art and how much I really do value this precious gift. I realized making excuses for not painting really was due to not having confidence and not valuing myself and my art.

What’s Kelli’s recipe for inspiration? How does she keep going day after day, year after year? This artist stuff involves a lot of hard work, commitment, self-analysis, goal setting, stepping out in public. However, in Finding Your Artistic Voice it’s done in a safe, supported environment; a community of kind like-minded individuals working on exercises together, coming to trust each other, and inspire each other. For me, there is no better inspiration than to watch a fellow student go from producing "nice art" to producing "magnificent art"!

I felt like I was floundering around alone in the wilderness, not knowing what to do next, where to turn, didn't even know what questions to ask.. Now I'm on a path, armed with knowledge, confidence, a working strategy and friends who share this journey.

Finding Your Artistic Voice truly has been transformational. It impacted me in ways far beyond what I ever could have expected or imagined. It’s made a huge difference to me, not only in how I feel, think and speak about my artwork, but in the way, I am now painting as well. I have a newfound freedom to express myself fully in my art. No longer trapped by the fear of external factors (e.g. Is it good enough? Is it accurate? Is everything drawn perfectly…) but free to paint what I want, how I want that in a way that is a true expression of me and what brings me joy!

This course, has among other things, reconnected me with my deep passion for art history and mentors. It has helped me narrow down what I love in art, so I can paint more in line with my vision, while connecting me to WHY I paint in the first place. It has also given me a place, with other wonderful artists, to explore, express and overcome blocks in my thinking and experiences. I feel lighter and so much more free to create and keep pursuing my goals and dreams as a painter.

So, are you ready to have the biggest breakthrough and find your artistic voice?

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