Frequently Asked Questions

Who is VITAL Plus for?

VITAL Plus is for existing VITAL Art Sessions members who want more!

This is a specially curated program to serve your learning needs, with longer videos, more in-depth tutorials, and a slower pace.

VITAL Plus is only available to current VITAL Art Sessions members.

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What’s VITAL Plus?

VITAL Plus is a one-time offer for new VITAL Art Sessions members. The package includes access to ten 1.5 hour…

How does VITAL Plus work?

There are a total of ten 90 minute video lessons which are recorded (not live) for your convenience. Lessons are…

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Brush up your your skills and fuel your creative fire in 5 days!

Ease back into your practice, (re)gain your confidence at the easel, and overcome the creative blocks that are holding you back!

JUNE 27 – JULY 1, 2022