Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you add new lessons to the membership?

Pretty much every time I paint (which is very regular!) My own work inspires new lessons and skills that you may find helpful too.

So, I am constantly adding new lessons to the membership to help you improve your skills as a painter. At the moment I add new lessons 3 times per month on a Friday before 9am EST.

AND every time that I host a masterclass or course throughout the year (which I do every time I see the need for one), you will get access to that LIVE or recorded to go through whenever you want to.

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What happens after I pay?

You will be emailed a link and login details to the membership portal and get instant access to all the lessons so you can start improving your painting skills immediately….

Is the price going to go up?

Just as all good painters slowly increase the price of their work as it improves, there’s a good chance that will happen here, too! So, yes, the price of Art…

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