Double Your Painting Sales in 30 Days

Online, Organically, without Paid Advertising

Are you ready to overcome your fears about selling?

If you’re ready to stretch beyond where you are right now and gain confidence selling online, then this course is for you!

Kelli Folsom

I’ve spent three years mastering selling artwork online and I’m ready to pass all I’ve learned to you.

Artist’s should be abundant and successful.

Simplicity is the key in both painting and business.

Making money as an artist doesn’t have to be that hard or complicated. You need simple techniques, accountability, action, and positive determination to get you there. 

I’ll be your coach along the way to help you reach your goal and breakthrough fast. 

What's included?

In this course, I teach you how to bust through your blocks to selling, and sell more paintings online without paid advertising.

This course will build your confidence and get you results fast.


- Bobbie Brainerd
- Sachi Yoshimoto
- Rich Gallego

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