Still Life: Autumn Themes

Does painting branches of beautiful fall leaves intimidate the heck out of you?

Would you like to learn how to get better at setting up a still life composition on your own? If you said yes then this Masterclass is for you!

Never again avoid painting fall leaves, pumpkins, or indian corn again. In this fall still life series you’ll learn how to: simplify painting leaves, set up a striking winning composition, create convincing form, loosen up your brushstrokes, and get clean yet rich color mixtures.

Finally, You’ll Create:

  • Fall Colorful Leaves Easily
  • Your Own Compositions Stress Free
  • Painterly Fresh Brushstrokes & Color


4 Extensive Video Lessons
Reference Images for Every Lesson
A Complete List of Materials

Over 6 Hours of Content!

Lesson 1: Ginger Spice Mums and Apples

1 hour 35 minutes

Are you ready to be inspired and master these fall chrysanthemums? I’ll walk and talk you through it every step of the way to make it so much easier for you.

Discover how to: 

  • Simplify complex floral groupings
  • Use brushstrokes filled with movement and life
  • Paint copper that shines quickly and simply

Lesson 2: Pumpkin Parade

2 hours 2 minutes

It’s a pumpkin painting party! Paint this fun fall themed painting with me as I guide you through every step of the process from start to finish, not leaving anything out for you my friend.

Understand how to:

  • Use perspective in your painting for better design
  • Get better details and finish by letting your paint set up more
  • Make multi-colored leaves easier to paint with my step-by-step technique

Lesson 3: Fall Still Life Composition Deep Dive

54 minutes

Have you ever wondered how the heck to begin setting up a still life? I’ve been in your shoes where the options seem so overwhelming and you end up giving up in frustration.

Still life composition is the hardest in my opinion because we have to arrange everything from start to finish. But it’s so rewarding when you understand how to begin and you get a composition that works! 


  • My step-by-step process for creating a successful composition
  • How to avoid overwhelm by choosing one thing as a jumping off point
  • To follow your intuition, imagination and experimentation and find what speaks to YOU and when to quit on something that doesn’t.

Lesson 4: Southwestern Fall and Pears

1 hour 27 minutes

Find out why I chose this still life out of all the others I set up in the Composition Deep Dive video! And when it comes to fall leaves and lanterns, practice makes perfect.

So we’re diving in one more time with a different shape of fall leaves and I’ll show you my top tricks for making them so much more expressive AND easier to paint.

In this final lesson you’ll:

  • Gain clarity on what really makes an object the star of the show
  • Learn how to easily tackle those crazy layers of fall leaves and Chinese lanterns
  • Create glowing light and color that jolts off the canvas

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Still Life: Autumn Themes

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