Plein Air: Autumn Scenes

Are you Ready to Capture the Glow of Light in Plein Air?

Exploring Plein Air

Adventure along with Kelli and explore the fantastic fall colors of Colorado! Learn how to capture backlit fall leaves in orange and gold. Paint Aspen trees, rivers, rocks, and the beautiful blue of the mountains. See how to paint water reflections, woods and fall streams, grand vistas, and mountains.

What’s Included:

  • Six Video Lessons
  • Over Five Hours of Content!
  • All videos are real time, so nothing is edited out.
Lesson 1

In The Aspen Grove

1 hour

Join Kelli on a chilly Colorado morning in the Aspen grove. She’ll show you how to create the look of the glowing backlight filtering through the golden Aspen leaves. You’ll also learn how to simplify what you’re seeing into a more compelling composition.

Lesson 2

The Old Shed in the Mountains

41 minutes

Paint an old abandoned run-down shed on a warm sunny day in the mountains with Kelli. You’ll find out how to take elements outside of your viewfinder to add in for a more balanced and interesting composition in this painting. Learn what brushes and types of brushstrokes you need to make when painting a structure like this. Find out how the right amount of perspective details can add more depth to your painting.

Lesson 3

Autumn Creek

47 minutes

Kelli will share with you the tools she uses to change the colors seen in front of you in a scene to create a mood in your painting. You’ll see how to handle a large amount of empty space in the foreground. Discover how to avoid putting in every rock and branch accomplishing more with less on-site.

Lesson 4

Autumnal Woods

40 minutes

Spend an evening with Kelli in the most peaceful parts of nature in this autumnal woods scene.  You’ll discover how to use elements of light reversals, overlaps, and perspective to create more depth and interest in your picture. You’ll get the first-hand experience on how to make pictorial decisions as the light is changing in the scene.

Lesson 5

Fall Valley Vista

30 minutes

Hold on to your hats! This is gonna be a windy ride in this fall valley scene. You’ll see how Kelli handles speeding up the process to deal with these conditions while staying focused and calm in Plein air. Discover how size and placement on the canvas give you a big vista view vs. a close-up view. You’ll learn how to handle proportions and get the perspective of receding trees into the distance.

Lesson 6

Gold In The Blue Mountains

1 hour, 11 minutes

Last but not least you’ll paint one of the most beautiful color schemes found in Colorado, blue and gold.  Kelli will share with you one of her favorite tools to help ensure a more successful composition when you’re getting started in Plein air. See how to create successful water reflections and master value control on large shapes to avoid a broken up look in your painting.

Bonus Lesson

How To Self Critique

57 minutes

In this Bonus Video Kelli discusses techniques you can use to process and analyze your paintings once you return to your studio. Learn how to self critique your paintings, revisit the scene in the studio, or find ideas that you can take back out to the field next time you paint.


Are there reference images?

Yes! Each lesson provides you with reference photos of the set up, the painting, and color palette.

How many video lessons do I get?

There are 6 extensive lessons with over 5 hours of content in total!

Do I get access to all videos at once?

Yes! This way you can choose which lesson you’d like to start with and access any of them at your convenience.

How long will I have access to the videos?

Members of the Art Life School retain access for as long as they have an active subscription – no need to purchase this masterclass separately – it’s included!

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