Art Business Courses

Are you ready to take your painting business to the next level?

Art Business Courses offer self-guided, tried and tested techniques to succeed.

Find clarity and direction in your work, manage your time effectively, avoid procrastination, and learn how to sell more paintings online.


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  • Sell more paintings online without paid advertising
  • Bust through your blocks to selling
  • Get time-tested techniques that anyone can apply
  • Resources for social media growth, pricing, and tracking revenue
  • Build confidence and get results fast
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  • Find clarity and direction in your work
  • Get freedom from comparison to others
  • Discover tools to deal with self doubt
  • Learn to trust in your own voice
  • Gain renewed passion and joy in your art making process
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  • Build better habits and manage your time effectively
  • Learn to stop procrastinating and find more time to create
  • Accomplish more in a balanced way
  • Sharpen your focus on what’s most important to you
  • Avoid the perfectionist trap
  • Simple action steps that don’t overwhelm you
25% OFF!

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