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The Still Life Painting Challenge

5 Days of Simple Video Exercises to Help You Brush Up On Your Oil Painting Skills And Ease Back Into Your Practice, in less than 30 minutes a day!

An oil painting of a brass bucket, oranges and a blue and white vase

Over 5 days of video exercises that you can watch at your pace, you’ll…

    • Joyfully pick up your brushes daily as you ease your way back into your creative practice, whether you’ve been away for a long time or not.
    • Come back to your art in an inspiring and supportive community without feeling the pressure to fit in or create something “perfect”.
    • Confidently master some simple, yet precise, paintings in one week without spending hours at your easel.

It’s time to brush up your skills and (re)ignite your passion for painting….
with a little inspiration!

Here’s How It Works:

You’ll get a private member portal where 30-minute videos will be released daily with email reminders to keep you motivated!

You’ll have access to the videos forever, and each lesson comes with reference images you can print, a supplies list, and additional resources to support you at your skill level.

At the end of 5 days you’ll have at least 1 new piece for your collection!

Day 1: Colors & Brushstrokes

Return to the basics and master simple colors and brush strokes as you learn to execute my simple tricks to create a look of transparency with ease.

5 Day Still Life Painting Challenge Day 1

Day 2: Light & Shadow

Master painting a simple solid object by transitioning light into shadow planes, drawing with paint, and creating a sense of glow and atmosphere in a painting. 

Video thumbnail of a mandarin and paint palette

Day 3: Values + Color = Reflections

Mix the skills from day 1 and 2 to paint something highly reflective (yes, you can!) while avoiding the #1 trap everyone falls into if they don’t know any better. Plus, learn how to create texture the simple way. 

Video thumbnail of a brass bucket and paint palette

Day 4: Conquering The Most Challenging Still Life Object The Easy Way

Yep. We’re doing it. We’re going right for one of the most challenging still life objects as you follow my simple process for creating realistic patterns, no-fail color mixtures for white in light and shadow, and learn to apply a pattern without making a mess or just getting mud.

Video thumbnail of a vase and paint palette

Day 5: Putting It All Together!

Take challenges 1-4 and put them together in a beautiful composition that becomes a masterful work of art with my signature process to never losing proportions again. PLUS, I’ll share the secrets to creating the flow and movement that pulls people into your art. 

Video thumbnail of a brass bucket, base, fruit and paint palette

AND, a section from my book

I’m throwing in a digital section of my book, 30 Ways to Master Still Life Painting.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this section will help you solidify the foundations of masterful still life painting skills.

With 60+ 5-Star Reviews, you can’t go wrong with this book!

30 Ways to Master Still Life

PLUS: 4 BONUS Classes

I’m including these fan favorites for you to binge:

  • The 3 Stages Of Development As An Artist And The Pitfalls To Avoid At Each Stage so you can ditch the “struggling artist” narrative and grow into the painter you want to be. 
  • The Masterpiece Trap to Avoid that will keep you from achieving your painting goals, even if you don’t realize it!
  • Why This Secret Language of Painting can unlock endless possibilities and inspiration in your painting journey – if you just know how to read it!
  • How Action is the Antidote that you might be missing between the stress of life now, and the beauty of life you want to capture.

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