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Ease back into your practice, (re)gain your confidence at the easel and overcome the creative blocks that have been holding you back without risking a painting disaster.

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Looking for a way to get back to oil painting and (re)ignite that creative spark, but…

Struggling to find the time to make your art a priority…

Or finding yourself standing at a canvas with zero creative flow or idea of what to paint…

Or worried that you’re a tad too rusty to pick up your brush to find out if you still “have it”?

If so, you’re likely staying away from the easel, wondering…

  • What if I don’t remember anything about tonal values and light? 
  • Will I be able to remember how to mix colors correctly?
  • Do I still have enough skill to create an entire painting? 

Well, what if you didn’t have to worry about any of that and could find your way back to painting without the worry, stress, and creative block?

As seen in

Hi, I’m Kelli,

Artist, Teacher and Mentor to thousands of women just like you who loved painting once and are ready to love it again.

I have a lifetime of experience painting, exhibiting, and selling my art, a BFA in Fine Arts and have won many awards for my work.

But when I was fresh out of Art School I found myself struggling to return to my easel with any energy or creativity…

As bills piled up and I had no idea how I was going to pay them, the stress and anxiety paralyzed me and I struggled to even pick up a paintbrush…

To do the one thing that had always brought me joy.

One morning, I was up early on my balcony and struck by the simple beauty of a sunrise.

Somehow, it brought something in me back to life as I remembered, “I could paint that!”

So, I returned to paint it the next day (and continued to paint small paintings and still lifes daily for 30 days after), slowly returning to the creative flow, energy, and inspiration that carried me through some of the hardest moments of my life.

Now, I want you to experience the same inspiration and excitement that comes with every dedicated and energetic brushstroke as you return to your canvas and paint what beauty you see.

Come join me and commit to 5 days of painting and I promise you will reconnect with your love of painting, gain new skills, and find the confidence to get back to the easel.

“Your style of teaching is the best I’ve come across…” Your teaching is always so clear, informative and fun! Your style of teaching is the best I've come across, and I've watched a lot of videos. No one else explains things so well, with simple step-by-step instructions mixed with a lot of wisdom, heart and always with a humble, warm, personal touch.
Love you Wonder Woman!
– Pam Hiatt
“I’m always amazed at your ability to teach…” Thank you for the awesome workshop! I'm always amazed at your ability to teach and your BIG heart ❤ that nurtures us and truly wants us to succeed. So much great info that will take a long time to fully digest. So nice to be with everyone!
– Miriam Cortese
“You are the perfect combo of cheerleader, master artist, and generous and articulate teacher!” Kelli -- Thank you SO much for an absolutely amazing week of inspiration and learning! I continue to be so impressed by the high quality and value of everything you produce and by your enthusiasm and skill at teaching! You are the perfect combo of cheerleader, master artist, and generous and articulate teacher! I will definitely keep an eye out for your workshops in the future! It was also nice to "meet" several of my fellow VAS members and put faces to the names! What an awesome community! Thank you!
– Karen Lemens
“Thank you for your incredible teaching…” It was a wonderful week and once again you gave it your all. Thank you for your incredible teaching and your commitment to your students.
– Debbie Nelson
“Your ability to identify, verbalize and demonstrate problem solving solutions is absolutely remarkable!” Always a treat to have an extended painting video with you! Your ability to identify, verbalize and demonstrate problem solving solutions is absolutely remarkable! I was unable to participate much in the past workshop but I know I will be watching many times in the future; I’ve found that my ability to incorporate certain techniques/knowledge has been dependent on my progress. Thank you again
– Lori Barrison

You're invited to...

The Still Life Painting Challenge

5 Days of Simple Video Exercises to Help You Brush Up On Your Oil Painting Skills And Ease Back Into Your Practice, in less than 30 minutes a day!

Over 5 days of video exercises that you can watch at your pace, you’ll…

    • Joyfully pick up your brushes daily as you ease your way back into your creative practice, whether you’ve been away for a long time or not.
    • Come back to your art in an inspiring and supportive community without feeling the pressure to fit in or create something “perfect”.
    • Confidently master some simple, yet precise, paintings in one week without spending hours at your easel.

It’s time to brush up your skills and (re)ignite your passion for painting….
with a little inspiration!

“You will never know what you have done for me with this challenge..” Kelli, I just sent this to a friend. You are an incredible artist and your generosity with your knowledge is a blessing to many. You will never know what you have done for me with this challenge. I enjoyed last year's, but this year's is a life saver for me. Thank you!
– Nancy Woods Daniel
“Great group - exceptional teacher ... artists all!” What a phenomenal week! Now to apply all that I learned !! Great group - exceptional teacher ... artists all! Will be painting and processing this week for months!!! Thank you Kelli
– Barbara Schatz
“It was a true immersion and we got so very much extra for what we paid. It was a gift!!” I have more to do on this painting BUT I LOVED it and I learned sooooooo much on breaking down those roses into “puzzle pieces” and controlling the paint when having to “cut in” around them . I love this kind of challenge. These kinds of challenges are why I love the workshops and being in a group of artists that care for one another ! You can take chances and make big mistakes and be supportive of one another. It’s a rare thing in most workshops….Thanks Kelli for all the time, energy and much effort this workshop took. It was a true immersion and we got so very much extra for what we paid. It was a gift!!
– Sharon Ann

Here’s How It Works:

You’ll get a private member portal where 30-minute videos will be released daily with email reminders to keep you motivated!

You’ll have access to the videos forever, and each lesson comes with reference images you can print, a supplies list, and additional resources to support you at your skill level.

At the end of 5 days you’ll have at least 1 new piece for your collection!

Day 1: Colors & Brushstrokes

Return to the basics and master simple colors and brush strokes as you learn to execute my simple tricks to create a look of transparency with ease.

Day 2: Light & Shadow

Master painting a simple solid object by transitioning light into shadow planes, drawing with paint, and creating a sense of glow and atmosphere in a painting. 

Day 3: Values + Color = Reflections

Mix the skills from day 1 and 2 to paint something highly reflective (yes, you can!) while avoiding the #1 trap everyone falls into if they don’t know any better. Plus, learn how to create texture the simple way. 

Day 4: Conquering The Most Challenging Still Life Object The Easy Way

Yep. We’re doing it. We’re going right for one of the most challenging still life objects as you follow my simple process for creating realistic patterns, no-fail color mixtures for white in light and shadow, and learn to apply a pattern without making a mess or just getting mud.

Day 5: Putting It All Together!

Take challenges 1-4 and put them together in a beautiful composition that becomes a masterful work of art with my signature process to never losing proportions again. PLUS, I’ll share the secrets to creating the flow and movement that pulls people into your art. 

AND, a section from my book

I’m throwing in a digital section of my book, 30 Ways to Master Still Life Painting.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this section will help you solidify the foundations of masterful still life painting skills.

With 60+ 5-Star Reviews, you can’t go wrong with this book!

“If you want to learn the most important things about painting still life, this book is a must to have… Expect a lot of aha moments. Great for beginners and professional artists. Helps to develop a mental list of important things you need to keep in mind while painting. You are going to come back to this book again and again! I highly recommend it. Thank you Kelli!”
– Amazon Review
30 Ways to Master Still Life

PLUS: 4 BONUS Classes

I’m including these fan favorites for you to binge:

  • The 3 Stages Of Development As An Artist And The Pitfalls To Avoid At Each Stage so you can ditch the “struggling artist” narrative and grow into the painter you want to be. 
  • The Masterpiece Trap to Avoid that will keep you from achieving your painting goals, even if you don’t realize it!
  • Why This Secret Language of Painting can unlock endless possibilities and inspiration in your painting journey – if you just know how to read it!
  • How Action is the Antidote that you might be missing between the stress of life now, and the beauty of life you want to capture.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up your brushes, learn new skills, and reconnect with your creative side.

5-Day Still Life Challenge lessons
“I can't say enough about it, just try it, you won't be disappointed.” 5 day workshops are sometimes scary and sometimes not informative or helpful, not true with Kelli, you get to the painting and the meat of the matter right away. You can watch and paint along, watch then paint, it's up to you all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. The demonstration portion includes Kelli's wonderful depth of knowledge from techniques, to colors, to history of the subject… A wonderful, encouraging, uplifting, valuable 5 days. Up close and personal instruction, I can't say enough about it, just try it, you won't be disappointed.
– Rena Dipofi
“Each day is a step towards a more confident practice and painting” My paint along !! Kelli thank you for all the detailed information and the composition ideas! You make all the many components of painting manageable! I would have never attempted something like this on my own ! Each day is a step towards a more confident practice and painting 🖼
– Sharon Ann
“You never disappoint!!” Thank you so much Kelli! It was my 2nd 5 day workshop with you and I loved them both. You never disappoint!! I always learn so much and it always pushes me to paint my best. 😘
– Germaine De Luca
“Thank you Kelli for your open heart and gift of teaching” So much to learn and so exciting to be doing that. Paint paint paint. Great group of fellow artists.
Thank you Kelli for your open heart and gift of teaching ❤️
– Anna Singer
“Oh my gosh THANK YOU!” Once again you gave us your generosity, knowledge, patience and love.
– Debbie Nelson
“I will always appreciate this.” Thank you, Kelli Folsom, wonderful lessons, I had so much fun and learnt so many things, I will always appreciate this.
– Reecha Argyros
“It has already brought many positive changes to my painting” Thank you so much for this wonderful week! I am really sad that it is over but excited to have so much valuable information and pearls of wisdom to process. It has already brought many positive changes to my painting and I know that it will have an even bigger impact on my thought processes and work as I continue to process the information. I am so grateful to have been a part of this group!
– Kristie Jobe Shelton
“Loving this experience!” Thank you so much - I can’t express! … I am loving this experience !!
– Barbara Chapman
“This challenge is just what I needed!!” Thank you for your great instructions!!
– Laura H
“You have given me my spark back” Again, thank you so much ... you have given me my spark back 😊
– Barbara C
“...learned so much, had fun and most importantly grew my painting skills!!!” Kelli – THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge with us! It is such a joy to be with you and the great group of artists - this is my 2nd 5 day workshop and I love love loved them - learned so much, had fun and most importantly grew my painting skills!!! Always ready to learn !!!
– Barbara Schatz
“You simplify the process so much and make it enjoyable to execute!”
– Anuba Sharma


What supplies do I need for this challenge?

Don’t fret! As soon as you join the challenge I’ll send you a materials list to your inbox so you can prep (if you want to use the same materials I’ll be using.) But, for the most part, your paints, brushes, and a fresh canvas should do to get started (ahhhh, that fresh canvas smell).

How long will the daily challenges take?

They’re quick and actionable – that’s the point! 

My goal for you is that you just get back into the rhythm and practice or your art. You can always come back to the videos while the group is open and break them up. 

Do I have to use oil paints? If yes, why?

Well, my paintings are done with oil, so that makes the most sense, but I understand that not everyone loves oil or is comfortable with oil yet. So, although I highly recommend using oil, you could – in theory – replicate it with other mediums. 

We do have a handful of acrylic and gouache painters that have joined these challenges with success! The only medium I don’t recommend is watercolor as it’s totally different from oils.

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